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Rio Aroma Stream

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Rio vaporisers. Advanced aromatherapy oil vaporising system that heats oils to perfection with the scent remaining true to the original oil without overheating or burning.

Rio vaporisers gently warm aromatherapy oils to vaporise them in a controlled manner. The traditional method of heating aromatherapy oils in burners can cause the oil to get too hot very quickly thus changing the nature of the oil and, therefore, it's effect. The use of controlled temperature produces a clean oil vapour with the scent remaining true to the original oil.

Why the Rio Aroma Stream?

The Rio Aroma Stream is the most popular oil vaporiser sold worldwide, ideal for professional and private aromatherapy use.

Vaporises all essential oils and oil blends effectively without changing their character.

Clean, quiet, economical and safe operation the Aroma-Stream makes the unit ideal for running overnight in bedrooms.

Two speed operation including boost setting.

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Aroma Stream Two Speed Operation Aromatherapy Vaporiser

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Rio Aroma Stream Replacement Filter

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